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Vitality is the state of being strong and active, being energetic and not weak. Vitality Is a kind of natural power that bring life to the fullest. God is the source of vitality. So God will be the source from which we will find our vitality. Remember, according to the Book of Genesis in the Bible, even the earth could not produce anything until the Creator came and said:” May the Light be”. And the Light was.

So, The Tree of Vitality mission is to bring Life, Health, Spiritual wisdom and well being by using the nature to draw from it its vital substances. We believe that the Garden of Eden was created with everything to make us live until the evil inclination changed the orientation to Life only into a life and death issue.

So, Life and death are right there in the nature. However mankind actions have shown that he is seeking in the nature more things that bring death than the things that bring Life.

We, in” The Tree of Vitality”, we are seeking more things that bring Life than the things that bring death.

Even miracle is already there in the nature. It’s the limitation of our Faith and our arrogance that blind us so we may not able to see miracle. It is just like we have the super jet in our disposition, but in our ignorance and arrogance we choose to go to New-York from Miami by feet. By doing so, we make our lives so difficult. Humility and Faith in God can open our eyes to see miracle. Humility and Faith are the gates to miracles.

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Rickter V. Mesadieu M.D, Th.D